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Cannabis Industry Committees

CCIA committees are integral to our state policy reform strategy, developing educational content, and so much more. Members of our committees are looked to as industry experts and voices of authority on industry-specific challenges and best practices. CCIA’s Board of Directors looks to committee members for essential insight and feedback which plays a critical role in educating decision-makers and consumers. Joining a CCIA committee is an extraordinary way to partner with experts in your field to influence the rules and regulations that govern the growing cannabis industry and develop critical educational content our members need in order to operate.


Co-Chairs: TBD

Our Legislative Committee is one of our most active and vibrant committees. We review all current legislation and regulations, and advocate on behalf of our members. This group functions as a legislative information hub that allows for inclusive, productive discussions and provides insight from our legislative team.  


Diversity, Inclusion & Social Equity (DISE)

Co-Chairs: TBD

(This committee is open to all CCIA members)

The Diversity, Inclusion & Social Equity Committee is focused on fostering professional mentor-mentee relationships between industry pioneers of all backgrounds and their fellow CCIA Members from minority communities. It also works to encourage CCIA Members from minority communities to join other committees, volunteer for committee chair positions, and run for election to the CCIA Board. We also work with companies to diversify the ranks of their C-level executives, in-house legal departments, and upper management so that California’s cannabis industry reflects the diversity of its consumer base.


Quality Control

Co-Chairs: TBD

The QC Committee is focused on the practical application of the rules and regulations as they pertain to testing labs and the cannabis industry. This committee offers insight into best practices for testing labs and quality control issues, it also functions as an educational arm of the association. The committee is primarily attended by testing labs, scientists, and manufacturers.


Agriculture & Manufacturing

Co-Chairs: TBD

CCIA’s re-vamped Agricultural & Manufacturing Committee provides input and information on the complex regulations that pertain to cultivation, manufacturing, processing, and packaging. This committee analyzes the complicated relationship between the varied forms of cannabis cultivation and manufacturing, and promotes policies that streamline business operations while prioritizing consumer safety.


Retail, Delivery & Distribution

Co-Chairs: TBD

As the most consumer facing sect of the industry, the Retail, Delivery & Distribution Committee addresses all issues related to streamlining business practices while prioritizing consumer safety. This committee has been directly involved with educating the industry on the evolution of regulations and policies related to packaging and labeling, tax reform, access, and affordability, and will continue to provide a voice of reason and responsibility.


Risk Management

Co-Chairs: TBD

A new addition in 2020, CCIA’s Risk Management Committee is comprised of the former Insurance, Human Resources, and IP Committees. Risk Management develops educational materials, webinars, and seminars for both policy providers and industry operators. The committee is also focused on developing standardized benefits, workforce planning compliance and best employment practices for the industry. Finally, Risk Management provides a forum for discussion relating to patent, trademark, copyright and trade secret issues specific to the cannabis space.  

The goal of the committee includes educating members and providing resources relating to growing and protecting intellectual property assets, drafting licensing agreements and managing intellectual property litigation. As California continues to realize the legitimacy of the cannabis industry, as well as the challenges that the industry faces, this committee has positioned themselves as intrical in optimizing success and mitigating risk.



Co-Chairs: TBD

(This committee will not count towards your eligibility allotment & all members are welcome)

The Membership Committee works with CCIA staff to provide advice and counsel on matters of membership recruitment and retention. This committee will work on items such as Identifying member needs, recommending the development of services to meet member needs, promoting member awareness of the resources and benefits of membership, welcoming new members, and more.

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