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CCIA 2018 in Review


Join CCIA for our Annual General Membership Meeting on January 14th, 2019 in Sacramento. We’ll be taking a look back at the biggest moments of 2018 including the regulations, the challenges, the legislative victories, and defeats ...and we’ll be reviewing what to expect in 2019.

As we reach the end of a year of instability for California’s cannabis industry, it is important that we reflect upon where we’ve been, what we’ve accomplished, and how we’ve affected change as the California Cannabis Industry Association.

The first year of legal adult use cannabis in California was met with many challenges including the lack of local authorization, emergency regulations, the re-adopt of emergency regulations, the end of the transition period, mandated testing, draft permanent regulations, 45 day public comment period, draft 2 of permanent regulations, 15 day public comment period, and multiple refinements to packaging. Addressing the obstacles was a heavy lift, but CCIA worked diligently to provide our membership with real-time education, political influence, community and support to address each challenge and find solutions that streamline business operations while prioritizing public safety and health.

CCIA came out of 2018 on top, maintaining positive membership growth, relaunching the CCIA brand after the transition to a stand-alone trade association, increasing our local work through action groups, and seeing an unprecedented amount of engagement by CCIA members through the association.

The input that you provide as a member guides CCIA as we promote the growth of a responsible and legitimate cannabis industry and work for a favorable social, economic, and legal environment for our industry in the State of California.

Political Influence

Over the past five years, CCIA has consistently advocated on behalf of cannabis businesses to advance a comprehensive regulatory framework that achieves important policy objectives encouraging investment and innovation, protecting small businesses, and enhancing public and consumer safety.

Our robust committees worked in tandem with the CCIA Board of Directors and staff in thoughtful discussions and debate on each iteration of regulations, which resulted in public comments submitted on 28 regulations.

CCIA OFFICIAL PUBLIC COMMENTS: 15 Day Public Comment Period: Here | 45 Day Public Comment Period: Here


CCIA Regulatory Webinars: CCIA+BCC | CCIA+CDFA | CCIA+CDPH


CCIA's Sr Policy Director Amy Jenkins named to Capitol Weekly Top 100: Full Article Here

CCIA 5th Annual Membership Meeting

CCIA's 5th Annual Membership Meeting brought together CCIA members, staff, and Legislative officials together for a meeting in the California State Capitol. over 100 CCIA members were briefed on 2017 victories, 2018 priorities, and how to navaigate the on-coming legislative hurdles.

CCIA 3rd Annual Policy Conference

CCIA's 3rd Annual Policy Conference, featured up-to-the minute information about the latest laws and regulations from both the legislature and licensing authorities.  Attendees enjoyed a networking luncheon as well as panel discussions on vital topics such as social equity and emerging compliance issues in this new regulated market. Review the Policy Conference wrapup Here.


Education has been the key to bringing the cannabis industry out of prohibition into a new era of legalization and legitimization.  CCIA believes that as the leading state trade association, that we have a responsibility to educate our state agencies, legislature and administration on all aspects of cannabis and cannabis operations, as well as educate the industry on how to effectively advocate for reasonable policy.  To further education, CCIA has hosted over 50 commercial cannabis tours for state agencies from all over California as well as the Canadian government, participated in countless educational forums/panels/campaigns throughout the United States, and delivers real time information to our members in an ever-changing regulatory environment.

Pro/Con on the Pier: Cannabis Legalization in California

ICBC: International Cannabis Business Conference

CALASIAN: Cannabis Talks (Featuring CCIA Exectuive Director Lindsay Robinson)

CCIA Insurance Symposium: The symposium was led by Lindsay Robinson, chair of CCIA's Insurance Committee Mike Aberle, and Rachel Ehrlich. The event featured three separate panels to discuss the challenges faced by the California cannabis industry. Experts from the public and private insurance sector shared their knowledge on a wide variety of topics designed to help educate our members

Bureau of Cannabis Control subcommittee meetings: CCIA staff and members were in attendance to speak on behalf of our membership to representatives of the BCC in Sacramento & Southern California.

CCIA and MMLG Meet & Greet: CCIA and MMLG held a total of six Meet & Greets where industry leaders spoke about current issues and strategized navigating through developing legislature.

CCIA at California Cannabis Business Conference (Anaheim): Lindsay Robinson was the opening speaker for the CCBC this year. She was joined by the entire CCIA team at the event!

CCIA Holiday Reception: This year our Holiday Reception was turned into a fundraiser for those who were affected most by the California WildFires. In addition to accepting direct donations, CCIA sweatshirts were sold and all proceeds were donated to the North Valley Community Foundation.


Other 2018 Events Include:

MCCIA conference, ALEC Conference, New West Summit, Emergent, Quarterly Caucus, SHSP Alcohol and Drug Impairment Presentation, CannaWest Summit, Arcview Forum, & MORE!


CCIA Membership Benefits are designed and tailored to meet the business demands of our ever growing and diverse membership base. Earlier this year, CCIA collaborated with all three regulatory agencies to offer educational webinars to our members at no cost. CCIA and our 10 committees regularly produce webinars, white papers, & best practices for fellow members.  CCIA provides the support necessary for the industry to succeed. 

CCIAs diverse membership offers a unique ability to meet a wide array of business to connect with. The CCIA family ranges from cultivators and manufactures to Insurance companies and CPA’s who need the ability to connect and collaborate with each other to thrive in the regulated market.

  • CCIA has partnered with industry leaders to help offer support for our members. CCIA’s 2018 strategic partnerships range from data analytics through Headset, New Frontier Data, and CannaRegs to services like Capital LiveScan and educational content from numerous dedicated members. Our Member-to-Member Discounts program has offers from dozens of member ranging from discounts on insurance premiums to free legal consultations and POS providers.
  • CCIA Strives to connect the dots between members of all segments of the industry and help the industry unite and thrive. Those relationships are built through attending free educational symposiums and networking events, gain valuable insights at our annual policy conference, and engage in our annual membership meeting, monthly strategy calls, and CCIA lobby days.


The California Cannabis Industry Association was founded on the principle of strength in numbers.  We are the most influential trade association in the state representing the diverse interests of the cannabis industry: retail, cultivation, manufacturing, delivery, distribution, testing, insurance, packaging, and various ancillary services. Our unified voice, which includes over 500 California businesses representing over 670 brands and approximately 15,000 employees, grew by 20% during 2018 as CCIA saw nearly 180 new members join the association.  CCIA’s members are the voice of the industry and CCIA and more businesses than ever are looking to get involved at the state and local levels moving into 2019.

This year CCIA launched a whole new look & website! We worked really hard to come up with branding that not only reflects the maturing and growth of the industry but our association as well: Full Article Here

Looking Ahead to 2019

As we close out 2018, it is important to acknowledge the known changes and challenges that lie ahead in 2019.  The end of the year Federal bipartisan passage of The Farm Bill, which legalizes hemp is a watershed moment in the United States that bodes well for the future of legal federal cannabis.  California will welcome pro-cannabis legalization Governor Gavin Newsom. The state will adopt permanent regulations which will trigger the issuance of annual licenses, as well as encourage local municipalities to adopt regulations which increases the regulated market, and brings stability to state tax revenues.  Known challenges also lie ahead with the implementation of phase three testing as well as the beginning of the track & trace system METRC.

CCIA is finalizing our legislative platform for the 2019-2020 legislative session, but we know that we are prioritizing equitable enforcement, tax reduction, and hemp legislation.  CCIA will continue to work diligently with the legislature, the Administration, and the licensing authorities on legislation that supports an open-market, streamlines business operations,  and prioritizes public safety and health.

With increased hemp/cannabis activity in Washington, D.C., CCIA is strengthening our engagement at the federal level by working with Saphira Galoob and the The Liaison Agency

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