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Harborside Health Center

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Dark Heart Nursery

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The Apothecarium

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Kiva Confection

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Venice Cookie Company

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Bloom Farms



CCIA President - David Weidenbach | Presley Holdings

David is the Chairman & CEO of Presley Darlin Holdings (PDH) – a collection of vertically integrated Cannabis businesses, including but not limited to such Industry staples as XIT Packaging, Collective Supply and CD Distribution. The distributorship holds the exclusive distribution rights to a few of the most reputable, well known brands in the Industry with significant channels in CA & CO. Dedicated entirely to the Cannabis Industry, XIT Packaging is the only full-scale packaging manufacturer with printing, plastic and blow mold factories both abroad and domestically. Since 2011, Collective Supply has been an Industry Leader in the distribution of compliant Cannabis packaging, and is one of the Authorized XIT distributors.

David is passionate about all things Cannabis and the outcome of the Industry it’s creating. As an entrepreneur who once upon a time himself came into this Industry from another, David is a firm believer in a robust and free market that welcomes entry from participants of all backgrounds. David is a current Board Member of CCIA and founding member of NCIA.  David holds a B.A. in Economics.


Juli Crockett | W Vapes

Dr. Juli Crockett fights for the good of the cannabis industry with W Vapes, the premium vape pen company she was recruited to launch in August of 2015. Since overseeing the establishment of the W Vapes brand, Crockett has shifted her focus from building the infrastructure of the company to overseeing strategy and compliance as CCO, manifesting the company’s vision of exceptional quality, outstanding service, and committed community engagement in the cannabis space. In 2016, as a member of CCIA, Crockett served on multiple committees including Manufacturing, Distribution, Quality Assurance, Legislative, and CCIA-LA.

Beyond the cannabis space, Alabama-born Dr. Juli Crockett is a bona fide Renaissance woman: singer/songwriter, theater director, undefeated professional boxer and amateur champion, ordained minister, with a summa cum laude PhD from The European Graduate School. Formerly the Director of Marketing for a pioneering online adult toy company, she is also a published playwright, professional singer, and leader of an band. Unique to her career, Crockett was featured in Sports Illustrated and other news outlets due to her professional connection to Jerry Boyd (aka F.X. Toole) author of Million Dollar Baby. Crockett retired professionally in 2002, undefeated at 3-0 (2 KO’s). Crockett served on the California Institute of the Arts Alumni Board, currently sit on the BOD of Padua Playwrights. After composing the theme song to the mini-documentary “Caine’s Arcade” she assisted in the formation of the Imagination Foundation, a children’s non-profit encouraging creativity & entrepreneurship.

Juli is thrilled at the opportunity to more deeply engage with CCIA and serve the cannabis industry at large. Her dynamic background brings a unique skill, including experience working with quickly scaling startups (and every position within), patent writing, defending intellectual property, as well as improvisation, writing, storytelling, public speaking, team building, and helping others discover and amplify their voice. Creative, passionate, with a good sense of balance and humor (a necessity in this wild and quickly changing landscape) Crockett is committed to finding common ground. And she’s an undefeated boxer, which is an interesting plus to have on any team


Andrew DeAngelo | Harborside Health Center

Andrew DeAngelo began with the cannabis plant as a teenage activist writing about cannabis law reform in his advanced placement courses at T.C Williams High School in Alexandria, Virginia. He then accepted scholarships in Theatre Arts to both Chapman University and the American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco. While in graduate school in 1991, Andrew helped collect signatures for Proposition P, which legalized medical cannabis in the City of San Francisco, the first such law passed by any jurisdiction in the United States. Building on this momentum, Andrew then helped organize for Proposition 215, which legalized medical cannabis in the State of California in 1996, the first State to do so.  Shortly after he graduated, Andrew was diagnosed with Glaucoma and moved back to Washington D.C to be closer to his family.

Andrew and his brother Steve DeAngelo continued their pursuit of changing medical cannabis laws by raising funds, collecting signatures, and eventually passing Initiative 59, a medical cannabis legalization law in the City of Washington D.C. in November of 1998--a law that was initially overturned by Republicans in the U.S Congress. Andrew also worked with his brother Steve in the successful operation of Ecolution Inc. a hemp clothing company in the 1990s and helped Ecolution grow to over $1 Million in annual revenue. Ecolution was sold when Andrew and Steve decided to leave the Washington D.C area and return to California where medical cannabis was legal and accepted. Andrew’s career in medical cannabis has culminated in his work as Vice President of Harborside Health Center in Oakland, Calif., the largest medical cannabis retail distributor in the world, with annual revenues of $26 Million and with over 156,000 patients as members. Harborside Health Center was the first medical cannabis dispensary in the world to lab test all their medicine, put their infused products into child-proof packaging, and develop inventory control and security protocols that are the industry standard today. Harborside Health Center is considered the leading medical cannabis brand in both quality, safety, and compliance and has been featured in numerous media outlets including the New York Times, Fortune Magazine, the Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal. The DeAngelo’s were also featured in the reality television show Weed Wars on the Discovery Channel and have also appeared on the Bill O’Reilly Show and The Dylan Ratigan Show among many other appearances.


Doug Francis | Weedmaps

Doug Francis is an entrepreneur, operator and investor in the emerging cannabis market. Since co-founding his first cannabis company in 2007, Doug has directly and passively helped many of the largest brands in the industry take shape.

Doug cofounded Weedmaps, where he currently serves as President and COO. Weedmaps is the leading marijuana technology and media company with business and consumer relationships spanning the globe. Due to Weedmaps’ size, revenue, reach and data, the company will play a major role in how this industry will transition out of its prohibition era.

In 2007 Doug cofounded the medical management company, MMEC, and organized a cannabis physicians group in California. MMEC grew to 12 clinics across the state, and eventually became Canna-Centers with the help of Dr. Bonni Goldstein, one of the leading medical voices advocating for marijuana as medicine. Doug continues to support and underwrite this cause.

Marijuana is core to Doug’s DNA. His primary ambition is to foster marijuana legalization and decriminalization worldwide. To achieve this, Doug is very active in marijuana policy throughout the United States, Canada and Spain. From small municipality efforts in California and Michigan, to large statewide efforts in California and Hawaii, Doug has been involved in many marijuana policy outcomes.

Aside from technology, Doug’s core competencies include all aspects of the cannabis industry. As an investor and advisor, he has direct experience in cultivation, retail, product development, corporate structures, finance and banking strategies, lab testing and most importantly, navigating the legality of it all. Doug’s experience extends internationally as he is very active with Weedmaps’ Barcelona office and is involved in all aspects of the marijuana industry in Europe.

Prior to entering the cannabis space, Doug was an executive in the financial services sector. Originally from Los Angeles, Doug now lives in Orange County, CA with his wife Rebecca and four children. Doug attended Chapman University in Orange, CA, graduating in 2001 with a BS in Business.


Dan Grace | Dark Heart Nursery

Having spent the last nine years building Dark Heart Nursery into the state’s most highly regarded purveyor cannabis clones, I have developed an intimate understanding of California’s cannabis industry. My work at Dark Heart Nursery has given me a deep appreciation for the plight of cannabis cultivators in particular. I believe that cultivators have suffered from underrepresentation in major policy decisions since the beginning. As a grower myself, I know that we have always been on the front line of persecution in the War on Drugs, and we’ve always borne its most draconian consequences. My mission at CCIA is to give a voice to cultivators and to win support and legitimacy for our cause.   

In 2016 I launched and chaired CCIA’s Agricultural Subcommittee which serves to increase awareness of cannabis agricultural issues and serves as a resource for state regulators on cannabis agriculture. The Ag Committee advocates for all categories of cannabis farmers at the state and local level. We seek policies that support small farmers while still allowing farmers to scale. We are also working to promote agricultural research on cannabis, especially in key areas such as pesticide usage. 

In 2017 we will be heading into an era of increased uncertainty. Donald Trump's victory is a reminder that we have more work to do as activists. California has always been a leader on cannabis and on many other progressive issues. Moving forward we will lead the struggle to defend the progress we have already made.

In the last several years I have been closely involved in the development of CCIA legislative strategy and in developing its Political Action Committee. This year I worked to help elect several state senators and have built relationships that will be valuable to us in directing regulation in the state capitol. These alliances help us influence legislation and ensure that our state institutions will stand up to defend this industry during any hard times that may be ahead. 


Ryan Hudson | The Apothecarium

Mr. Hudson is a seasoned entrepreneur with an engineering and technical background. He’s served in network engineering roles supporting large medical device and investment bank corporations. His professional business acumen originates from his previous start-ups in the veterinary health, mobile app, and computer diagnostic arenas. Mr. Hudson sits on The Apothecarium San Francisco’s philanthropic advisory board (which has donated more than $300,000 to local nonprofits and schools), the California Cannabis Industry Association, the Castro Merchants Board of Directors, Eureka Valley Neighborhood and Duboce Triangle Associations and founded 1st Saturdays SF, a non-profit focused on helping the homeless in San Francisco.



Khurshid Khoja | Greenbridge Corporate Counsel

Greenbridge Corporate Counsel is a business law firm which represents clientele from across the legal cannabis industry throughout the United States. Khurshid is a dedicated industry advocate.  In addition to serving as a founding board member of CCIA, Khurshid has served as CCIA's outside General Counsel since August 2014, contributing nearly $40,000 in personal pro bono legal services. He has regularly lent his experience in corporate law, government relations, regulatory compliance and trade association advocacy to CCIA efforts, including:

(1) participation in legislative drafting, stakeholder meetings and executive agency outreach over the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act;

(2) participation in initiative drafting in connection with the initial and subsequently amended drafts of the Adult Use of Marijuana Act;

(3) reviewing and commenting upon other draft drug policy, agricultural, environmental, labor legislation affecting the industry;

(4) advising CCIA board members on fiduciary duties to CCIA under California law;

(5) attending weekly staff meetings and managing board-staff roles and relationships;

(6) reviewing vendor contracts with CCIA, including outside counsel contracts;

(7) managing public and press perceptions of CCIA, including retaining and overseeing litigation counsel in connection with same;

(8) managing on-going HR issues, and consulting with outside counsel regarding same; and

(9) advising the board on bylaws and laws of general application, including nonprofit corporation and antitrust laws.

Khurshid also serves on (i) the Board of Directors of the National Cannabis Industry Association, (ii) the Board of Advisors of Students for Sensible Drug Policy and (iii) the Council on Responsible Cannabis Regulation.  He has previously served as General Counsel to The ArcView Group and the Emerald Growers Association.  

Among other honors, Khurshid has been named to the annual Northern California Super Lawyers Rising Stars list multiple times. He has been profiled in multiple editions of the Arcview Market Research’s State of the Legal Marijuana Markets report, was most recently featured in Bruce Barcott’s book Weed the People, and his early days as the General Counsel of MendoGrown (later EGA) are chronicled in Doug Fine’s book Too High To Fail. He has been a featured presenter at numerous professional conferences on drug policy and the cannabis industry.

Khurshid was President of the Class of 2001 at the University of California, Berkeley School of Law, and is an alumnus of The University of Chicago and DePaul University.


Kristi Knoblich | Kiva Confection

Kristi Knoblich is co-founder of Kiva Confections and serves as Chief Operating Officer. Founded in 2010, Kiva’s mission is to produce safe, consistent and delicious edibles. Kristi is the driving force behind Kiva’s customer service philosophy, employee development, and best practices in manufacturing and business. She and her team have successfully grown the company to over 80 employees, serving over 800 stores in California, Arizona, and Nevada with plans to expand into other states and new product lines. Kiva continues to redefine the edible cannabis category and lead the way in developing premium quality, great tasting products. Kristi holds a Board seat on the CCIA as the Northern California Vice President and also chairs the Manufacturing Committee.


Sean Luse - Berkeley Patients Group

 Sean Luse is an advocate, business leader, and expert in the field of cannabis dispensary operations. He has been with Berkeley Patients Group for nine years and currently serves as Chief Operating Officer. Sean also serves as Executive Director of Calvape, a manufacturing and distribution company that serves California dispensaries.

Sean is a founding Board Member, former chair of the Legislative Committee, and former President of the California Cannabis Industry Association.  He also plays a central role in CCIA’s community relations, representing the organization to its many external stakeholders and expanding its network of relationships. Sean has spoken on numerous panels at industry conferences, and been quoted extensively in the media regarding the industry’s history, current issues, and future challenges.

In 2015 he was instrumental in helping establish CCIA’s policy priorities throughout the development of the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act. He guided the organization during this critical time and supported staff in successfully negotiating many of these priorities into the legislation.

Sean has also served as a board member and officer at several other non-profit organizations, including Students for Sensible Drug Policy, the Nevada Cannabis Industry Association, and the Emerald Growers Association.


Kenny Morrison | Venice Cookie Company

Kenny vice chairs the CCIA manufacturing committee and is co-founder and President of the California Cannabis Manufacturing Association (CCMA) which works closely with CCIA. His California company survived a debilitating smash and grab raid just 13 months ago (10 days after Governor Brown signed MCRSA) and overnight went from having 41 employees to just 1 employee. Sales went to zero. 13 months later, most of his employees have returned and his company is doing 50% more in weekly revenue than it was just prior to the raid. VCC Brands has been a pioneer in cannabis manufacturing and distribution since 2008, and currently produces over 140 of the skus in its distribution portfolio, operating in 2 states.

"My first two years on CCIA’s board of directors has been an amazing experience. The growth we created and the work we’ve accomplished has made me incredibly proud. I believe that cannabis legalization benefits everyone, not just those who consume and produce cannabis products. I am dedicated to helping continue the momentum towards national acceptance of the idea that cannabis legalization is a positive step towards freedom of choice and government credibility. It’s up to Californians who are currently inside the industry to use our legacy and success to make a positive social impact in the national spotlight. I hope I can count on your support.  I look forward to working with you all!"

Kristin Nevedal | Humboldt's Finest

Kristin Nevedal is the Director of the Patient Focused Certification Program, serves as Chief Compliance Officer for Humboldt’s Finest Farms and Co-Chairs CCIA’s AG Committee. Before joining ASA she co-founded and served on the board of the Emerald Growers Association whose mission was to promote the medicinal, environmental, social, and economic benefits of lawfully cultivated sun-grown medical cannabis from California’s Emerald Triangle region by advocating for public policies that foster a healthy, sustainable medical cannabis industry. As chair of the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) Cannabis Committee’s Cultivation Working Group, Kristin assisted in the development of cannabis cultivation model regulations and best practices for agency consideration. Kristin is also an instructor at Oaksterdam University, teaching classes on environmental sustainability and Best Management Practices. Kristin’s broad policy and advocacy experience also includes serving as a board member for the Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform (CCPR), Californians to Regulate Medical Marijuana (CRMM), Americans for Safe Access’s Patient Focused Certification Program, and the 420 Archives.



Amy Poinsett | MJ Freeway

Seven years ago, Amy Poinsett co-founded MJ Freeway Business Solutions with a desire to see burgeoning marijuana businesses expand and thrive with smart business solutions in place. To fill a need for cannabis specific software solutions, Poinsett and her co-founder launched MJ Freeway in 2010, the first company to bring seed-to-sale software to the market. Since then, featured twice in the INC 5000 fastest-growing companies list, woman-owned MJ Freeway has grown to serve thousands of clients in 5 countries, and processed more than $5,000,000,000 in sales via retail, manufacturing, and cultivation management software platforms, as well as consulting services and cannabis license application support.

As CEO, Poinsett, a former web developer, has swiftly earned a reputation as a passionate pioneer committed to creating the best technology solutions for the medical and adult-use marijuana industry. Poinsett’s focus on strategic planning and customer satisfaction consistently has earned MJ Freeway an above-industry average customer retention rate and large profit margins.

A dive master and fine arts painter, Poinsett applies fearless leadership and intelligent design across her personal and professional pursuits. Poinsett stands out as a new-breed CEO skilled in strategy as well as team building. With a track record of successful entrepreneurship, she founded, directed, and held COO and CEO positions for various high-earning tech start-ups in the point of sale and e-commerce spaces.

Years of being a pioneer in the tech industry fueled Poinsett’s passion to see other women flourish in science and technology. To that end, Poinsett serves in a leadership role in the Arcview Investor Network, as a mentor in Canopy Boulder – an incubation organization for cannabis startups - and as a volunteer with local and national women and girls in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) organizations.

Poinsett is recognized nationally as an industry expert and has been a frequent guest speaker at many industry events. She has been interviewed and quoted by many local and national media outlets including CNN Money, Fortune, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Forbes. Poinsett was featured in Cannabis Now's Eight Cannabis Entrepreneurs to Watch.


Michael Ray | Bloom Farms

Michael Ray was born in San Francisco and raised in the Sierra Foothill Mountains on his family ranch known as Bloom Farms. He is a cannabis advocate, lobbyist for social change, and entrepreneur with a passion for technology and design.

In 1999, Michael moved to New York City to start his career on Wall Street. By 2001 he was one of the youngest and most successful traders at his firm. But Michael tired of the “money first” mentality of Wall Street and decided to return to California and the farm he grew up on -- a place with new and unique business opportunities thanks to the development of the legal cannabis industry.


There was a social revolution occurring on the West Coast and Michael found himself on the doorstep of a perfect opportunity to create a uniquely universal cannabis product. By focusing less on high potency and more on high quality, Michael and Bloom Farms’ Highlighter vapor products found success with experienced and novice cannabis consumers, alike. 

 As the Executive Director at Bloom Farms, Michael oversees the day-to-day operations. Bloom Farms’ first priority is to make consistently high-quality cannabis products that are available for medical cannabis patients throughout California. Michael also oversees Bloom Farms’ 1-for-1 program: with every product purchased, Bloom Farms donates one meal to a food-insecure family in California. Bloom Farms has donated over 250,000 meals to food banks throughout California in 2016

 Michael has a passion for community, and since becoming a cannabis entrepreneur, he has worked with industry leaders, regulators and community leaders to legalize, regulate and legitimize California’s medical cannabis industry.